Yet Another New Knitter

Howdy, Guys--

Joined MWN last week and have loved seeing everyone's projects. Here is one I am about to finish. It is a simple hat with flaps. Looks like a pseudo-chullo. Flaps worked separated, joined with cast-on stitches in the round, 1-1/2" ribbing, decreasing, i cords, and pom poms. Yay. I really want to do a sweater next, but I haven't settled on anything yet. What do y'all think is better to learn first: knitting in the round from the collar down or knitting front and back separately?


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I say knitting in the round... why would you do seaming if you don't have to?



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I come from a different point of view on this. I don't mind seaming or any of the finishing work. For me, it's just another aspect of the hobby I love.

I would highly recommend you just keep trying new and different things in each of your projects, so that you can learn something in each one. More importantly, I would just find a sweater that you would like to have when all the knitting is completed.

Have fun, and welcome.

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Why do we knit in the round? Because we can! Why should you choose not to knit flat and sew together? Because you don't have to!

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I prefer to knit in the round whenever possible but I do agree with QueerJoe that learning different methods is important as well.

And the hat is fantastic.

I wish I were knitting now.

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Welcome to the group. Great job on the hat. I agree with QueerJoe, its important to learn both techniques. I'm currently working on a sweater in the round but my next one is a jacket made flat and seamed together. That project would not work in the round as there are side pockets. I don't really think it makes much difference which technique you learn first.