Tvåändsstickning: two colours

Here's a swatch I knitted to test the same pattern in two ways: mixing purls & knits to the left, and knits only to the right. (It is easy to see where I didn't pull the yarn hard enough!)
Actually, all rows are 1 yellow, 1 white! It is the yarn you don't knit with that you can use to form a pattern. (If you always keep both strands on the wrong side - knitting in the round is highly recommended! - you will simply get stripes.) When you move the strand you don't knit to the right side it will cover the other colour.
Does this make any sense at all? Do check out Asbjörn's links (see my previous post)! Anyway, it looks and feels different from fair isle knitting; in a way it reminds me of woven fabric.


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Do you find this to be a slow or difficult process? Would it be suitable for large items like sweaters?

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It's slower and I have to watch what I'm doing more carefully than when I knit continental. It's suitable for any garment you can knit, really - I suppose the climate where you live is the most important factor! Asplund

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I think this would be wonderful for a jacket where you really want a dense fabric to hold itself in shape. I am going to investigate this and try it.

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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog This looks very nice. If you want something lighter in weight ,you can use sports weight yarn.

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Is this similar to shadow knitting?

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No, not as far as I know. I haven't tried shadow knitting myself, but I've read about it and seen works; it seems completely different. If I remember correctly shadow knitting is made with ordinary knits and purls combined with two colours. I know one of my aunts has tried it, so I can ask her. Asplund

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From what I can tell it is closer to doubleknitting then to shadow knitting....

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I love the way this looks, I just can't wrap my mind around how you describe it. I'll have to check out those links and give it a go.
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