I have a question...

I have yet to knit a sweater, sad I know, but I don't want to knit a regular sweater. My question is wether you all think men would wear an innovative sweater. I'll make some pictures to show what I mean. Basically something with a different shape, buttons down the back or around the sweater. Or even like a button off turtle neck. Thanks for letting me know what you think. :)


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Depending on who the man is............if you are thinking of yourself, wear anything that makes you feel good and is comfortable! If making for someone else, style it to their taste and comfort level!

Knit on.....

My two cents -

I have a button off turtle neck (it is a little more of a mock actually) that I bough in Paris and I love it. I would have loved it more if it were a hand made piece! It is basically a high mock turtle neck with buttons running up the right side of the neck and few inches onto the shoulder - it is a little bit military looking so the buttons are snaps. I leave the top two buttons undone so it the corners flop over on the front and back.

It is one of my favorites. I don't know if I would wear one with buttons down the back or around the sweater, but buttons up the side of the neck - absolutely.

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Personally I tend not to wear anything too affected looking. I'm thinking if you keep the yarn fairly earthy, maybe something marled and did what you're talking about and its comfortable and casual most men would wear it. I vote no for buttons down the back though.

I wish I were knitting now.

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I think the main thing in men's sweater is color combination. A color stranded sweater is something I will always wear, as a man with short neck I like mock turtle necks,but avoid turtle necks lol! Personally I like cardigans with nice pockets. I guess it has to do with getting older and wiser lol!

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Heck Yeah, be bold, you'll feel great!!


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I like the button off turtle neck idea. Have fun experimenting.

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If you are making a sweater for yourself, well the answer is easy, make what you like. If you are making a sweater for someone else, make something they will wear. If you are looking to make something interesting, but it's not something that person would wear, you'll be making something that will be sitting in a drawer and never be worn.

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Hey go for your life.... Why be boring? If it is for you great - if it were for me the more inovative the better. If you just want to see what people think then do it! If you don't like it don't show it to anyone. I made a long (knee length) cardigan last year with some cable in it just because I wanted one - thought my male mates would all take the mick - What actually happened was they all wanted me to make them one. Enjoy making what you want to and don't be constrained by others - good luck with it all