David's Hat

Kenny posted his "David's Hat" pattern on his blog:


I really liked the chart and thought it would be great for my friend who's been requesting hats from me lately. His choice of colors are dark blue & yellow (or gold) which I was glad to have in Cascade 220. These are the NAU colors (Northern Arizona University). So here it is with minor variations. Thanks Kenny, I really like the chart.


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That's a great pattern. Good job.

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The colours are perfect for that pattern. Well done!

Knit like the wind!

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It's lovely! This is a great design and you've executed it beautifully. I have this on my Ravelry queue in the "you'd better get in some practice before you even think about it" section.


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Yep. It's a great pattern, you picked great colors and did a GREAT job!


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Excellent job, the colors work beautifully together.



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What a cheery hat!! Ever since cub scouts I've liked blue and gold together. It really is one of my favorite color combos. The pattern and the shape are great too. I love this hat.

I wish I were knitting now.

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Well done! it looks great :)
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