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I wasted a whole lot of time yesterday working on a retailor job... A very nice guy I know had knit a cardi out of a silk tweed yarn, but it was a little over gauge, and since the pattern was designed for wool... You can imagine the result: It was HUGE...

(Cliff notes...if you substitute silk for wool, knit just a little tighter than gauge to counteract drape, growing, and lack of elasticity).

But... This is why I should never follow the pattern when I know better: Set in straight cap sleeves (no shaping to the sleeve caps: Kind of like a drop shoulder)...Needless to say, there was all this extra fabric at the the MOST DESIRED LOOK OF MAN-BOOBIES. NEEDLESS TO SAY... I'm chalking it up to learning experience, and am taking it apart, reshaping the sleeve caps on the serger, and resewing it. I also didn't like the ribbing on the hem or the button band, so I've replaced that work with a garter band, which is much more handsome. I should ALWAYS listen to my inner designer when retailoring a garment.

Pictures to follow.


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I have serger-envy.

I would have very few opportunities to use a serger, so why am I always wanting one?

I think I would enjoy re-tailoring knitwear. I've certainly had to do it enough with my own projects and making fixes to commercially made sweaters for friends and family. I find it challenging, but enjoyable.

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hahaha you and me both. I almost bought one last week, then I had to reign myself in and remind myself that that's just one more thing I will have ot get rid of come next summer.

MWK's Token Estrogen-American

MWK's Token Estrogen-American

I am always available for hand-me-downs.

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you're always at the top of my list too :)
MWK's Token Estrogen-American

MWK's Token Estrogen-American