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So, the whole shebang got delayed a week because I had a cold. But I went in last night and hooked me up and everything. I slept like I normally do, waking up several times in a night, though they said they didn't see anything too spectacular beyond waking up from my own snoring. I hope they have some good suggestions because I certainly don't feel I slept well...


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Ahh, the great medical community putting something off until tomorrow........

hopefully they will get it done and get you sleeping better :)

I will keep my fingers crossed for you...

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Well, are they just dropping it at that or going to look further?
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My partner actually just had a sleep study done Sunday night. Similar sort of thing - he hasn't slept well for quite a while, keeps waking up with what seem to me like anxiety attacks. He's been on Lunesta for a bit, though, and that does seem to help, though it didn't help him get to sleep while strapped to all the instrumentation. I think they also didn't see anything particularly remarkable.

I've also had a lot of trouble with insomnia and now have problems with restless legs that are reasonably under control with meds. For all that my sleep schedule is pretty odd and regularly irregular (I work 15 hr overnight shifts on a 3 week rotating schedule), though, I actually sleep reasonably well now.

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Well, I met with the Doctor today and he had the results of both my sleep studies. I should also maybe mention that I know the Doctor outside of his medical practice and got kid glove treatment from him and his staff. Anyway, the technician is coming by tomorrow with my CPAP machine. I did way better in my second study with the mask and the air blowing down my throat. My blood oxygen didn't get below 90% where it had plummeted below 60% in the first study. So I'm jazzed and I hope that when the Doctor you are working with reviews the findings that they can get you sleeping better. BTW, did they hook you up to the CPAP or just do the study without it?

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Good luck!! Keep us posted!

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I just had a split study this past week. That's half the night without and half the night with CPAP. It was alot of fun let me tell you! I haven't heard from the DR yet, but I think I am getting a CPAP machine. Hope your test goes better


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I Love My CPAP
Sounds kinda kinky but I hate to spend a night without it. I have been on CPAP for more than 15 years and my new mcahine is tiny and almost cute compared to the first one - the one had the size and personality of a vacuum cleaner. The quality of life before and after CPAP is almost scary. The story is that the biggest issue is patient compliance but I am convinced that if they get somone hooked up with the right setting and the right mask the patient wil be dancing with gratitude. BTW I went through four different style of masks before getting one that fit well and was comfortable fo rmy face shape.
Good Luck and keep us posted.