My New Website

Hi People, just to let you know i have now lauched a new online shop.

I will be stocking James C Brett yarns, knitting needles, my designs in kit form, my patterns and much much more!!!

Why not take a look every sale from here i will DONATE 5% to this website so it can keep on going and going.

Thanks for the support guys and keep knitting.

Jody Long
(Knitwear Designer)


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what a beautiful hat i would like to know could u post that pattern on the site so everyone could make one.

Now, why would he do that? He's interested in hawking his own business here within this online guild just as he has since he first joined. I, for one, detest such commercialism on our site and would like to see it stopped and banned.

If he wants to "set up shop" and to advertise, then there are plenty of venues for that: eBay, etc. This is an online guild and should remain free of gratuitous, self serving marketing. Jody: keep your commercials on your own website and out of ours.

~Mike in Tampa
Yahoo Id: stickywarp2001

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Mike what is your problem???

I'm a knitwear designer in the UK (are you worried about my experience that it may..., well is better than yours?)

I was going to post the hat pattern on the website for all you to knit. But hey i think i can't be bothered to do that, that may affend you and other users?

SORRY to all that i affended.

Best Wishes

Jody Long
(Knitwear Designer)