"+ 3" Higher Math

I am reading a stitch pattern book, and in the lace section all the patterns say something like "8 +3" Now, I know that the 8 is the number of stitches in the pattern and then you repeat it across the row. However what does the "+3" mean? At first I thought it meant making some kind of border at the edge, but if so, why would it be in a stitch pattern book where it is simply describing the pattern and has no idea what you are making? If I decide to do the pattern 3 times across a row, I would cast on, I assume, 8+8+8+3=27 stitches. But what do I do with the extra 3 when it comes time to knit?


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It usually reads multiples of 8 + 3. In other words, the pattern needs 11, 19, 27, 35 stitches. If you wanted border stitches you would add these to the numbers but have nothing to do with the 8+3

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Yes, ronhuber is correct...8 is the number of stitches for the main repeat, while the three stitches are usually the leftover stitches necessary for the beginning or end of the rows.