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I'm really getting into a couple of projects lately... Apparel for inanimate objects!!! For Christmas, my friend Allison bought me a James Dean figure. I just finished a purple scarf for him, and he's got it tied on using the GQ knot method (I don't know the real term for it. I'm am making, out of the same yarn, a beanie hat. I'm thinking of making it one of those crazy ones where the top is realllly long and pointed and floppy. Also, I purposefully chose a yarn in my stash that is the FURTHEST color from matching his actual outfit. LOL He's wearing a red and green sweater and khaki pants, but his scarf is this deep royal purple with (barely noticeable) flecks of a sea-foam green in it. Why this amuses me so much is beyond me.

I think I'm finding it far more interesting to knit unconventional (and completely non-functional) items. It's stretching my idea of what knitting is really used for. It's not that I think knitting scarves, hats, sweaters, gloves, etc... is boring. On the contrary, I love creating those basic (and sometimes advanced) functional items that I can wear around and show off. But the unusual, the avant-garde, the "pointless" is what I love about art. When you begin to create works of art that have no real use outside the realm of entertaining, amusing, and intriguing.

I've got one scarf left before I'm finished with the practical. After that, I will be starting on my first knitted scene (the Humpty Dumpty scene I mentioned before). If it goes well, I'm planning on devising another scene. I would love to create some kind of 3-D sculpture of The Little Prince (easily my favorite book). These types of projects will take a great deal of planning on my part, and probably many visits to the LYS for tips on how to acheive certain textures or shapes.

Well, just thought I'd share! :-)


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I had to read this topic twice, I thought it said intimate. Sounds like your'e having some fun, don't forget to take pics of James in his new gear. But I must add that I am disappointed in the lack of intimate :p
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MWK's Token Estrogen-American

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I saved some pictures (from a flickr site) of amazing jellyfish and sea anemones...all knitted and crocheted in whites...probably a bit larger than life...they were a window display in Canada.