Tendonitis be damned!

My hands & wrists continue to limp along (get it? limp-wristed?), so the other day I stopped by Michael's and bought a Knifty Knitter round loom set (all 4 sizes on sale for $10). Basic stuff, but I figured out how to knit & purl. The day my hands went verkacht, I had bought some Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick to make scarves for the Bundle Up New Orleans project. Since my hands weren't cooperating, I tried it on the knitting machine, but the yarn is just too bulky, even on every third needle. So the looms seemed to be the logical choice and are working okay, though I'm not trying to be fast, in order to spare my hands.

In other news, I spoke with David last night. He's in San Diego at The National NeedleArts Association trade show, and he told me he'd bumped into Lily Chin (designer and world's fastest crocheter). She told him she's developing a pilot show to air on Oxygen, so if you have cable and want to see more knitting-related programming, you should look it up - whether it gets picked up as a regular series depends on how many viewers the pilot gets, apparently. We don't have cable, and I haven't tried looking up the Oxygen website, so I don't really know more about it than that, but thought I'd pass it along.


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You're such a trooper :)

I assume Knitty Gritty is still going strong on the Do-It Yourself Network. Like Oxygen, it's hard to find that channel in smaller markets or without a dish.

I think they should start selling downloadable episodes.

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I love those plastic looms! ...I have a hat a friend did ...and it's a great ribbed look... have to get a set... are there any books of patterns for something other than a hat?

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The company has a list of projects on their website here. Not really anything I'd care to make personally, but potentially a source of inspiration for other projects. They really don't give any info on how to do anything other than a knit stitch, either, but I was able to figure out how to do a purl stitch without too much trouble - put the tool through the stitch on the peg & pull up the yarn from underneath, then lift the loop off the peg and place the new loop back on the peg. The scarf I'm working on is ribbed & looks pretty good.

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Limp-wristed? Okay, whatever...

Yeah, the Oxygen thing is a cable-network. Too bad about it, because they still just crab about women-only issues. Like women are the only people with issues. O-boy could I put I a lot more in here. (THE BITCHES) Oh no, that was not me.... that was the bad twin.;p eat it up Martha, and Oprah can kiss my fuzzy pink whazzis. muahahahaha

did I mention I'm a cheap S.O.B.