Canterbury Spinners' Guild

I have been desperate for the company of other knitters and so I finally took the plunge and joined the Canterbury Spinners' Guild. They are a nice group of people but unfortunately for me, knitting is a "poor cousin" and the skill level of those who knit is not very high. The few knitters who come to the Saturday morning work session are really spinners and only knitting to either do a special project or to use up some of the excess knitting wool they've spun. The focus is definitely on spinning. But, that's OK as I enjoy the sound of the wheels humming and the conversation. I suppose it's better than staying at home and knitting by myself.

The Guild has a shop, workrooms and offices in the Canterbury Arts Centre, which originally was founded in 1865 as the University (which has long since relocated). The photos show the strong English influence in the province of Canterbury.

It seems that I have some extra time on my hands right now while I wait for my next lot of knitting wools to arrive from Canada so I thought I'd post snaps of the place.

The first photo in this posting show the building where we are housed. It is the observatory with a working telescope in the top of the tower. We take up much of this building. It was originally the zoology department of the university.

Attachments 2 & 3 show the stairway up to our workroom. The stairs are worn from all the foot traffic.

Attachment 4 shows the back of the building. Our space is on the left side, ground and second floor.

Attachments 6,7,8,9 are of some of the other buildings in the Art Centre campus.

Attachment 7 shows the Ewe tree which was planted when the campus was first built. It is just outside the observatory tower.

Attachments 10, 11, 12 are of the Guild gift shop. It is open 7 days/week. Members can put items there for sale. It's a great place to shop. I think I'm going to volunteer to work in the shop on weekends.

MWK member Jack (mnjack) has been to visit our shop and workrooms! Maybe some of the rest of you can come on over to Middle Earth for a poke around and some shopping!

Enjoy the photos!

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what a beautiful building. The architecture is wonderful and the grounds look like there's some nice places to hang out, do some knitting, watch the pretty faces walk by :) All that wool being spun, that's kind of a heaven on earth aint it?

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Beautiful photos, Jesse- thanks for the tour. I've been to NZ twice and loved it (twice to Dunedin with a visit to Christchurch). When those spinners see your work I have to beleive that they will be inspired to put the fruits of their wheels to better use (and they may well get to you- spin up a bit of your own while waiting for your yarn deliveries). In attachment #6 I see an odd artifact: it looks like a line drawing of a gable on the roof of the building? As I write this, there is a very nasty snow storm approaching; I'm pleased to see from your photos that you are not so afflicted!

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Well spotted! It's a 3-D sculpture that hangs by almost invisible wires over the courtyard.

Knit like the wind!

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Beautiful building, the staircase is gorgeous! Thanks for posting.



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Wow, I love the architecture. Thanks for sharing.


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Linux: because a PC is a terrible thing to waste

These are beautiful Jesse, and the stonework of the buildings, and especially that little turret, show that the Scots had a more than passing influence on your part of the world. Thanks for letting us see.

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What a handsome building you have to be creative in, I love the staircase and tower. Thanks for posting these photos, and for explaining the 3-D sculpture, I thought my computer was malfunctioning.

Creativity seems to be more recognised in Christchurch than Sydney.