Beanie Questions!

I am at the end stage of my first beanie.

What do you guys (and gals) do to:

1. Secure the yarn that goes through the top hole? I am supposed to use a darning needle and run it through the remaining sts and pull it in thru the hole. How do you weave it to not allow it to either pucker or come loose?

2. I added 3 stripes but at the end of the round, they did not meet up. What's up with that? I realize you are going circular but what are your tricks to get them to meet up?

3. When you add an alternate color (as in a stripe), how do you add it when knitting in the round? I did take the "losing" yarn and knitted it with the a"gaining" yarn 3 times but it looks a wee bit chunky.

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Hey Rob,

It's probably easier to take care of this in person, but... I'll try to help:

1. When I finish off the top of a beanie, I run the needle through the remaining stitches, pull it tight, then down through the hole and sort of sew it into a knot (like when you're done sewing with needle and thread). Then I just weave in the rest of it.

2. Those are called jogs. I never worry about them. But, you might Google knitting jobs and see what there is. I do have a pattern that has this finishing tip: "You can get rid of the color stripe jogs at the seamline as you sew in the ends. With the wrong side (inside) showing, sew the end of the wood which began the stripe in a diagonal, up and to the left. Then sew the end of the wool that ended the stripe in a diagonal, down and to the right. The jog should all but disappear."

3. When I add a new color, I knit one stitch with the new color, tie the two tails together, and then weave in the two tails while knitting alternating them every other stitch. I think I know what you mean about it being a wee bit chunky... is the yarn chunky to begin with? I'm usually working with pretty small yarn and it doesn't seem to be a problem.

Good luck! Can't wait to see the hat!


Thanks Frank...I knew I could count on you. I will bring it when we meet as well. I would appreciate your expert advice.

It is a smidge big so I am thinking in the future I will cut out 5 rounds. is worsted on size 7's.

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1. After running the needle through the remaining stitches, I insert the needle through the hole, turn the hat inside out, catch an inside strand with the needle and knot it tight. Then I weave the yarn for an inch or two through the inside strands and cut it.

2. This is the dreaded "pattern jog". I have read (not done) that this can be avoided by knitting the first stitch in the round by reaching down to the previous row with your needle and grabbing up one loop from the first stitch of the previous round and knitting it together with the last stitch from the current round.

3. Take the new yarn and start weaving it in behind the old yarn a few inches before the end of the round and then simply start knitting the new round with it while then weaving in the old yarn for a few inches as you go along, then cut the old yarn.

This is how I do it, but I'm sure there are other and perhaps better ways. Experiment and have fun.

Thanks Albert....point #3 is a really good idea I would never have thought of. Thanks again for all your advice.

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Good Evening Rob,

Here's what I do to answer your questions.
1. Invest in a "Chibi Needle". Its a needle with a large eye and a noticeable curve at the "working end" of the needle. It makes finishing so much easier especially when sewing garment pieces together. SO on to your question. Break the yarn leaving a 12" tail. With the tail threaded on the needle, draw the tail through all remaining stitches on your needles. Thread the stitches from the needle(s) as if to purl to the tapesty needle until all stitches are off your needles. Gently pulled the tail to close the hole at the cap's crown. With the "Chibi Needle" its easy to thread the needle once again through all those stitches. I tend to thread the tail through the stitches a total of two times. Then take the needle and thread it through the hole to the inside of the hat and secure it. If you are working with wool, breaking the yarn rather than cutting it with a scissors will enhance wool natural affinity to felt.

2. On of the disadvantages of circular knitting is the problem of the "step" when you finish a round. Your eye won't detect the step when working in a single color. However, stripes the eye will see especially if the colors are contrasting. There are ways to camouflage the round step when working in colors.
Here are the instructions for the "South American Knitted Join"
#1 Slip the last stitch of the round knitwise.

#2 Use the right needle tip to lift the stitch in the ROW BELOW the first stitch on the left needle
(this is the first stitch in the previous round), place it on the left needle, then slip it to the right
#3 Work these two stitches together as a ssk decrease, then continue knitting with the new color
for the desired number of rounds.
Repeat steps 1-3 for each color change.

For a compilation of techniques to avoid the jog go to, click on the Athena tab, then click on Tips and Tricks, and Techniques, then go to jogless.

3. 5 stitches before the color change, place the end of the new color between the needle tips. The
new color will hang temporarily on the right side of the work. Now insert the RHN into the next
knit stitch and knit the stitch with the main color. Insert the RHN into the next stitch but before
color yarn take the new color and pass it between the needle tips. Throw the main color, but
before knitting the stitch pass the new color between your needles with the new colored yarn on
top of the RHN. Throw the main color yarn but before knitting through the stitch, let the new
color yarn slip to the back of the RHN.......what you are doing is a FairIsle technique called Stranding or weaving the carries of unused colors. The web page for the knitting Universe has a good discussion on this technique.

Hope this is of some help.

Keep on Knitting,


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ok so socks soon right? *taps her foot and waits impatiently*

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MWK's Token Estrogen-American

Yes sister...this weekend!

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WOOT! *does her happy dance* Look Out!
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1 & 2 have been answered pretty well. As you can see for #3 there are various ways of going about it. I just slip knot the new color to the tail of the old one and start knitting with the new color. I weave the two tails in later. Works for me.


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Linux: because a PC is a terrible thing to waste

Well..first off...thanks for the advice as it will help with beanie #2.

Secondly, I will not have a photo. Someone at work like it alot (and I admit, the colors looked great with blonde hair)....I gave it away. It feels good to have given it away. But dammit...the next one is mine!

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Before I got to see pictures? How dare you???
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