It's not a gauge problem, it's a gauge opportunity.

I promised a friend of mind a scarf, so I took some time off from my sock knitting to make her a scarf before she left on a long weekend in Minnesota. She asked for a wide scarf and so I made it wide. After I finished, I added a edging - I got the idea from my partner's mom who suggested that go around the edge with a crochet hook to help straighten out the stockinette curl. I couldn't figure out how to do that, so I just went around with my knitting needles and added a knit stitch as if I was binding off. It is hard to see in the pictures, but I though it looked nice and makes a firm edge. I did pink on one edge and white on the other. It wasn't enough to get the stockinette stitch from curling, but blocking pretty much got rid of that.

But once I got it off the needles and blocked it, I realized that it was really wide for scarf, almost a shawl. So I've termed it a "sharf." I've let her know that she should tell folks who ask that the fiber artist who designed this piece was challenging traditional categorization of knit goods. Or something.

Actually, it turned out pretty well. Carrie really likes pink, but I wanted to cool off the hot pink with some white. It was my first time doing stripes and I like how it turned out and I like the color choices that I made. I'm terrible at counting rows, so I mostly just eye balled the stripes (I also used a tape measure to make sure that I was in the vicinity). I also let her know that if anyone ever points out that some of the stripes are 2 and 7/8" and others are 3 and 1/8" that the only reasonable responses is to kick him or her in the shins.

Pics of the sharf.

Folded in a chair

View from the right side

View from the wrong side. I like the little extra slash of color that happens after switching colors.

On Carrie


Those edges look great! And what a perfect Valentines gift!


"Let the beauty you love, be what you do" -- Rumi

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If anyone's picky enough to gripe about the variable stripes there are more painful places to kick them then in the shins. Then perhaps they should be euthanized, because they don't have a life to begin with.
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Well done! And the knitting around the edge as you describe is essentially the same as crocheting. But as knitters, we should respond to criticism by aiming somewhere north of the shins.

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Great way to deal with the edges. Looks very comfy.

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I'm with Bill, my first thought was Dr. Seuss, and everybody love Dr. Seuss, I don't care who ya are! you did a great job and she seems thrilled with it. :)
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MWK's Token Estrogen-American

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That looks awesome! I, too, love the look of the backside of the color change! And, please notice, your friend is wearing it that way!!!!!
LOVE it!!

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Very pretty, I'm sure Carrie will wear it with loving thoughts of you.



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I think its a perfect width for a woman. Wide enough to wrap around the head if need be but narrow enough to use as a muffler.

I too am terrible at counting rows - I think I'm going to get one of those click counter things and see if I can actually remember to click it when I finish a row.

I wish I were knitting now.