My first scarf - advice

I just started knitting with two semi private classes that I took with my partner and a friend of ours.

Because I have learned to cast on, knit and purl I decided to set aside the swatches I was using for practice and knit a ribbed scarf. I really like how it is going, and its shape. It has wide ribs on the right side it is basically k2 p3 x 5 with an extra k2 added at the end so the edges are the same. The problem is that the with 27 stitches I started it too small. Is there anyway to add additional rows onto one side so that I can make it wider. I am about 8 inches up the scarf so far.

Thanks for the advice.


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At 6 inches I would just rip it back and cast on with the additional stitches from the beginning. I know it will be hard to rip out that work - but It's probably the easiest way to get what you want.

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I hesitated writing the same thing, as I hate being the bearer of bad news, but I'd have to agree with MMario.

One other option would be to finish the scarf at the current width and then pick up stitches on each side and knit a horizontal border, but that may seem more daunting to a new knitter than ripping back inches of work.


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Ripping out is no fun, but sometimes it's necessary, if you really want it wider, rip out now. Better than finishing it and not liking it.
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That is what I was afraid of - well instead of ripping it back, I will finish it make it shorter than planned and it will become a short woman's scarf for a friend. Then I can make a wider one just like it for myself.

Thanks for the input.

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In praise of ripping out - its not so bad. As a matter of fact it's down right liberating - it allows you to say - "What I've done is not that precious. The earth will not end if I start over." It's a good thing to learn early in your knitting career.

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I hate ripping out too...but in the end, when you have not done that will be happier in the long run. I agree with Bud et al.

And welcome by the way.