A newfound love

I have decided that Moss Rib is one of my favorite things EVER. It's a simple technique, first of all, and while it doesn't seem to knit up as quickly, it's just so gosh darn SOFT! And I'm currently using on of the heathers from Artful Yarns "Jazz", a 50/50 wool/alpaca blend with a weird brown/purple/grey/charcoal mix which was originally a tough call as to what to use it for. I think it's nice and the scarf is turning out to be quite lush. I think I want to use it on everything now.


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I like the looks of it and I like slow and deliberate. What is the formula, I want to try it. The color combination is brilliant - very sophisticated.

I wish I were knitting now.

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looks like brioche

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....tell us more!!!
I love the brown/purple/grey/charcoal mix ...my kind of colours...
and love working with alpaca...

This looks great, and I love the colour combo.

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Nice combination of color and texture!

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You just reminded me that one of the first new projects I did was in that moss rib and I gave it away. I'll need to get something to try it out in again, you're right, it is very soft and plush. Nice job you did there and I was wondering what that 'Jazz' would look like knitted up. Thanks

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I wonder how it would look with four strands on 35's.

i think that's my next project.

thanks for the inspiration!

Please remember: I have a collection of needles and a history of violence

Please remember: I have a collection of needles and a history of violence

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That would be stunning...but do you think as big as 35's?
...I do a lot on #19's...but I haven't seen the Jazz yarn in person....

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Be sure to show me pictures.

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That texture looked familiar...
I looked up the pattern and did a swatch. The pattern I found
was over a multiple of 4 stitches
and was a k3p1 repeat on both sides, but staggered so the p1 fell
in the middle of the other side's k3.

I then knit a mistake rib
over an odd number of stitches,
both sides k2p2 repeat

The result looked just the same. I'm still trying to figure that one out!

The mistake rib pattern is a little more mindless, I think, how about you?