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So, I really like the way cashmere feels. Any good recommendations of a cashmere yarn that would be good for a scarf and won't break the budget.





I don't know if you are a "purest" and need 100%, because I have yet to see any well-priced cashmere, but there are some very nice blends with merino etc. I think Debbie Bliss Cashmerino is really luxurious for scarves etc. Good luck.

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I agree with the Cashmereno suggestion, but I wouldn't look at Debbie Bliss...she has fewer colors and is more expensive than the KFI Cashmereno.

It's not inexpensive, but Laine du Nord also has a great Merino/Silk/Cashmere blend in an Aran weight.

Finally, you could always consider kid alpaca which used to be called the poor man's cashmere. It's less expensive, very soft and warm and it's much more durable than cashmere in some ways. The drape isn't quite as lofty and springy as cashmere.

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check ebay...
I'be bought cashmere yarn...from people who sell unravelled sweaters...my yarn came with the label from the sweaters...

Hmm, I cannot remember the names but at the yarn store this past weekend, there were lots of soft cashmere blends. Fondling them could be a crime.

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Only if they've been in stock less than eighteen years.

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My lys has a sale section that I need to get in the habit of checking everytime I go in just for that kind of stuff. It's mostly discontinued stuff so I need to buy enough to do a whole project with but for a scarf you wouldn't more then a couple of skeins.

I wish I were knitting now.

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Pashmina is a great yarn. It is 77 cashmere and 22 wool. it is very soft and half the price.

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Try http://www.yarntreehouse.com/
They sell such great price of yarn! I saw 100% Cashmere in worsted weight yarn (total 110yd) for $11.99

Another shop:
My friend ordered cashmere from them...they are so soft! It's 100% cashmere and 120 yard selling it for $11.99 also!

I don't think you can not find 100% Cashmere for under $10!

Good luck!

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Patternworks has some lace scarf patterns that use only one skein of their cashmere ... $30. I thought the one with the fish design was more "manly" than the others. I have it on order and will give it a try, anyway.