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Hello everyone.  I'm new here.  I live near Boston, MA and have been knitting for almost a year.  I'm very excited to have stumbled across this site.  It's great (and humbling!) to see what everyone's working on.

I wanted to share two little projects I've just finished.  First, a snake.  It's from "Unusual Toys for You to Knit and Enjoy" by Jess Hutchinson. This is my first project on DPNs!


Then, I made a bunny (pattern here).  It's blue.  Both were quick and fun.

blue bunny 


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Hello, Jordan, and welcome to MWK!  You will enjoy being a member here.  They guys are all nice, lots of knitted projects to enjoy and shared information for learning.  I like the toys you knitted.  I often think of making something fun instead of just practical and that bunny is tempting me big time!  Cheers,  Jesse

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Thanks for the welcome, Jesse!  I think you'll like the bunny.  It'll be done in a fraction of the time as your beautiful woven cable jersey!  I, on the other hand, should probably make something a bit more practical next.  It's winter, I knit, and I don't even have a good hat. 

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I made a large snake years ago, and I use it in the bottom of the door to keep the cold draft out. What do you use yours for?

did I mention I'm a cheap S.O.B.

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The snake will probably be a gift to my nephew.  The bunny, I'm keeping.  I do have one of those draft blockers, but it's filled with sand (and therefore not knitted).  That would be a good project some day.

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Very cute. A few color changes and you could have made it as a coral snake. My partner just brought me home a book of really sweet knit toy patterns, but I didn't see a snake pattern in it offhand. May have to make one, though. :-)

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That's funny--the original idea was to do it like a coral snake.  I'd never seen one--it was my partner's idea.  I thought it would look too scary.

Which toy book did you get?  And, what's the little knit guy in your photo?  It's a great picture.

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He got me a copy of 'Toys to Knit' by Tracy Chapman. She's a Brit and the designs look pretty classic Winnie the Pooh - very cute. David has now commented a few times that he particularly likes the elephant, so maybe I'll have to work on it secretly for his b'day.

The photo is Monkey. He's David's idea taken from a similar one he found in China that had been made in Japan. He's actually crocheted, but his clothes are knit, and he was handmade out of alpaca yarn by a local woman David contracted. His photo-shy boyfriend is named Other Monkey.

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I was just looking at Jess Hutchison's website and realized that she's the one who did the Kate the kitten pattern for the Winter '05 issue of Knitty (I DID plotz from the cuteness! Well, not really...but almost.). I love her robots!

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The robots are great, great, great.  So it Kate.

The book you got looks interesting (online, at least).  I've got "Knitted Toys" by Fiona McTague.  Mixed feelings about it.  There's a great pig.  My partner Eric actually bought me the book hoping for the pig, which he got.  But I'm not sure I'd make anything else in the book.  I've heard good things about "The World of Knitted Toys," but I've never seen it. 

Other Monkey!

Hi Jordan,

It will be good to see your input to the site.

Toys are a great way to start as they are usually quick & small nevertheless they require lots of skill, which you certainly have.


Knit away, knit away

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Thanks Martin.  Good to meet you!