5 Hour Baby Sweater FO

If you want to get the feel of what making a sweater would be like. This is the pattern for you. It is easily modify and if you go with bigger needles you can have a bigger size. This is made in Acrylic from the Scott Stash, it took one skein to make. It is for my Baby Male Doll. I will be blocking it in a bit . I started with size 10 US 6mm long plastic needles and they broke , what an adventure. I switched to size 5.5 mm , US 9. This is the first time that I have made a project knitting the right way from the front, but ... If there such a thing as knitting the right way. It was different and What do you know, I was able to use my knitting from the back because this pattern calls for that stitch!!! I learned a lot about myself and it gave me a great experience. I bound off loosely using the back loop stich, I liked the outcome! Thanks for stopping by!

The Pattern can be found at the Link Below


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Looks great! Can you share the pattern?

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I'd appreciate the pattern too. I need to knit something other than socks and this looks like a good place to make the switch.

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Looks great! I just finished one myself using a variation of the 5 hour pattern. I did M1 rather than yo for increases, so it wasn't lacy. Added button holes as well. A co-worker and his wife are having their first child, the office gave a collective gift and I added the sweater to it.

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Very nice! This was the first baby sweater pattern I attempted. Fun to make.

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Great looking sweater.


Linux: because a PC is a terrible thing to waste


Linux: because a PC is a terrible thing to waste