The MWK Book Idea

Hey there! Quite a response I got from the poll the other day. I guess I'm not surprised considering the depth and breadth of the talent, wit, knowledge, creativity, etc. we have here as a group.

If you haven't checked out the poll and voted or left comments, please do:

I like the ideas of having proceeds go back into the MWK site and/or charity... I can see doing both actually. At this point I'd like to try to pitch the idea to book publishers to see if there's any interest in it. Self-publishing is always an option too. My sister got a book of photography published going through a site called Blurb ( I found a few knitting books on there (mainly photo-essay types). So if you're interested, maybe think about and start working on what you'd like to contribute, whether it be a pattern, an essay, a story, a tip, etc. This could be a lot of fun!



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Sounds spectacular. Let's do it!

"Men can starve from a lack of self-realization as much as they can from a lack of bread." --Richard Wright

The Manly Knitter's Survival Guide -- There was one instance where my theater group was touring through Florida (or Virginia...all hotels start to look the same), and I didn't have any utensils to eat my microwave ravioli. A pair of bamboo size 9's later...I was chopstickin' it to the man!

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We're lucky to have you here! (I think it's a brilliant idea but personally wouldn't dream of even thinking about organizing the whole thing...)FABULOUS picture!

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I love the picture of men knitting/finishing socks from a circular sock knitting machine.

You can see that they have made a whole string of socks with waste yarn in between. I'm assuming the guys not working the machines are responsible for grafting the toe and binding off the cuff.

I'm also deciding on what I'd like to contribute in terms of designs. I have a couple of sweaters I could contribute right away, or I could design something new....hmmm.

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You might want to contact Brian Sawyer, a man who knits and is in handcraft publishing. You can contact him and check out his blog at

Put me down for a color work mitten pattern. And good luck!

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world." -- Mahatma Gandhi

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world." -- Mahatma Gandhi

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Count me in...........doing whatever to help out! Although I won't pose for a picture wearing a suit and tie........gave that up several years ago!

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Great idea! I would love to contribute - in any way I can. Perhaps a hat design.

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I'll submit my James Dean hat/scarf combo. LOL j/k ;-P

"Men can starve from a lack of self-realization as much as they can from a lack of bread." --Richard Wright

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I started working on a scarf for this yesterday (Saturday) and frogged it 3 times! I am not trying to make a difficult pattern but just a simple pattern to show off the colors in Manos del Uruguay Eclipse (multi-colored from reds to blues, dare I say rainbow colors.. LOL)
I first tried a ribbed seed stitch. That didn't work. Due to the variegated gauge of the yarn, you couldn't tell the seed rib from the stockinette rib. Then I tried a stockinette stitch, which worked okay, but like all stockinette, it wanted to curl up. Third attempt was stockinette with an off-centered cable. Needless to say the stockinette cable on the same background looked just plain stupid.
I am currently working a garter stitch background with an off-centered cable.
If this book comes to be, I will explain why an off-centered 4-stitch cable with the pattern contribution...there is method behind my madness!


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Hey Shawn,

Glad to hear you're at work. I went out today and got two skeins of Dale of Norway's Stork cotton to do a fair isle beanie as a potential contribution. This will be the first time I'll actually write down exactly what I'm doing so as to have a pattern to follow the next time.



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A book is really a great idea. Some of you may be surprised to know that this site already has a reputation as a place to go for good information. Almost any guy I talk to who knits knows about this site and all my lys ladies knew about it and recommended that I do everything you tell me to do. So the book would be coming from an all already established position of respect with a somewhat built in market. It would be nice to publish it in maybe 4 or 5 year editions - sort of like the Junior League cook books, adding new stuff each edition.

As far as contributing I've done a lot of hybrid crochet/knit combo stuff that is if I can figure out how to write a pattern.


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Darrel and I have been talking about a module for the site that would be conducive to a community style publishing project. Perhaps we can start by writing an index then develop each section as a community. I really think it is a great idea!

This is a great idea and I have some mitten and headbands I can contribute.