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I've started working on one of the Brooklyntweed hat patterns. The Koolhaas, it is a lot of detail, but I think will look great. I'm using some of the red Silk Merino that the scarf I'm finishing is made from. That's the scarf that I posted a couple of days ago. So many fun things to knit and so little time - working a real 40 (okay maybe 36) hour week is really cutting into my knitting, quilting, and daydreaming time. And all of those activities are more important. Progress on the sweater vest is slow but sure, I started with the back and just plain stockinette stitch gets routine. That's why I have a couple of quick-finish things going. Hope you all survived the holiday VD hype and are having a great weekend.


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Hats are great learning excercises and are satisfying in that they work up quickly.

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I love the Koolhaas hat... I've made a couple of them, but have yet to make one that I get to keep for myself.

Hats are a blast.

Have fun.

Grace and Peace,

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Oh I love that hat! can't wait to see the pictures!
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