I am making these for Dennis's (HWMBO) 5 yr old grandaughter. I used the size 2 yr pattern except my gauge is 6 sts per inch instead of 8 so they should fit her. They are quick to make I started this yesterday and finished one this morning. They are made of Knit Picks Shine Sport, cotton/modal and Natural Bare Superwash/Nylon Fingering for the sock.

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These are fabulous. Where did you get the pattern?

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You can purchase the pattern at:

There is also a link on Ravelry. You can get to it from my project page:



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Really cool- I can see myself wearing these.

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These are adorable and really cool. You could wear them as slippers or as shoes if you put some leather or something water proofing on the bottom. I too want to know where the pattern is. Is it free, can I queue it on Ravelry?


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Omg These are so lovely! i wish i had a niece!

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I love that...thank you for the link!
...I see she has a baby one too...and I have a new grandaughter arriving in April....