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I will be adopting a cat this week. Cat-nature being what it is, I expect the new arrival to enthusiastically volunteer to "help" me with my knitting. How do you folks diplomatically convince your cats that you prefer to keep your knitting a solo act?


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My cats have never shown an interest in my knitting - they have politely made it impossible for me to knit when they have felt I wasn't worshiping paying them enough attention - but never shown an interest in the knitting itself - until off the needles - at which point they are perfectly willing to sleep and shed on the FO.
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If its a young one itll be pretty difficult to keep it away from your knitting, but either way, throwing a ball of really cheap and scratchy yarn (maybe rug yarn if you have any) will keep it at bay. If only for a few moments...

Good luck!

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My cats don't seem to interested either, although I don't leave yarn and WIPs laying around where they can get to them. I have come home or gotten up in the morning to find what looks like a giant spider web in one room or other, but for the most part, the two that like to sit in my lap or next to me are fine and content once they have their spot. They don't seem to be distracted by the knitting. I do move the ball of yarn so that the yarn doesn't come through their line of vision... that helps. Best of luck! Cats are THE BEST!


There I was thinking I was the only one with cats who had cunning minds. Some days it is impossible to knit, unless I put a jacket on and sit outside on the terrace. They sit inside and glare at me through the window.

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We have 4, 3 of them at times feel they must help, but quickly tire and leave it alone. I almost always have one in my lap while I'm knitting and he loses interest after a couple of minutes. Good luck with the new furbaby, I can't imagine life without them.



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A spray bottle filled with water by your side while you knit should discourage their assistance. It's not mean, it doesn't hurt them, they just don't like it, which will keep them from messing with your knitting.

Although from what I remember of my knitting while owning cats days... projects were never left lying out in the open. All yarn was stored away. If you give them tempation they will be tempted.

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Three of our four will eat it outright. The two boys, who are younger, have to be watched closely, and anything not put up out of the way is fair game. They get reprimanded quickly if they try to mess with the yarn while I'm knitting, though, and only the youngest (a 10-month-old terror) will still give it a go. Blowing hard in their face works well with most of them, and a little slap on the paw is a bit of kitty-speak they naturally understand, though not all of them listen.

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Knit a small draw string sack and fill it with cat knip - this will keep him/her occupied and a bit loopy for hours while you knit.

I wish I were knitting now.

Y'all make me want to get a cat!