5 Hour Baby Sweater

One of my co-workers is expecting his first child, so our department took up a collection to buy baby gifts. I added a baby sweater and hat to the gifts.

The sweater is a variation of the 5 Hour Sweater that is available online. I went the way of not making it lacy and added buttons. The hat is the Umbilical Cord Hat from Stitch-n-Bitch, which is my favorite baby hat pattern.

Sorry for the picture quality, my digital camera bit the dust so these were taken with the camera phone.


purlyman's picture

Those are great!! Good for you for actually doing something to add to the purchased gifts. Way to go!! So can the sweater really be done in 5 hours? I always find those things take longer than they say. Good job!


YarnGuy716's picture

It's a pretty easy pattern and worked on larger needles. The pattern calls for US10 1/2, but I used US9 since I knit loose. It was probably abotu 5 or 6 hours start to finish.

crmartin's picture

Beautiful! Your gift will probably mean more than any of the purchased ones as it is truly a gift from the heart.