Blue Moon Socks that Rock yarn

I'm currently contemplating ordering some sock yarn from Blue Moon but am not sure if one skein will be enough for a pair of men's socks. The Socks that Rock yarn comes in 360 Yd skeins and I'm not sure that is enough. I want either the lightweight (fingering) or mediumweight (sport). I can't justify spending $40 for a pair of socks! Has anyone used this yarn?



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I haven't made anything from Socks That Rock yarn but for my 10 1/2" feet, I need more than 360 yards.

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I've used Socks That Rock yarn a couple of times and have been very happy with it. There has always been some left over when I knit socks for myself, but I do have small feet.

I knit my socks with fingering weight yarn at 8 sts/1", with 72 sts. cast on (9" circumference). I knit an 8" leg before the heel flap, and a 9 1/2" foot length. For a sock of this size, I find that 190 yards will just do, with a few yards left over.

This being the case, if I were to use a skein that measured only 360 yards (allowing 180 yards per sock) I'd either 1) use a second color for the cuff, heel, and toe, or 2) knit only a 7" leg before the heel flap, and hope for the best.

If you take option #2, don't graft the toe of the first sock closed until the second sock is finished. If you need to rip out to shorten the leg of both socks, it'll be easier if the first sock isn't finished.


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I love this yarn. I also have really big feet - size 13 - so I'm used to buying that extra skein. I justify it by knitting a pair for my friends with more diminuitive feet.

A pair for me, a pair for you...


I'll stop after this row. Honest.

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Thanks for the suggestions. I ordered 1 skein and will make them toe up-two at a time using black for the toes and the cuffs if necessary.