Stranding, Weaving and Life Questions

I am giving the ole beanie of yesterday a rebirth by changing colors and adding a third color.

Anyhoo....when weaving a floating strand (I think that is what it is called), I noticed a bit of the weaved yarn can sometimes show through the knit. What should I do?

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It will show through if you hold it too loosely while weaving it in; give it a slight tug while weaving in so that there is not excess slack to poke through.

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Yep, ya have to make sure to pull it snug enough that it doesn't poke through the material.


Linux: because a PC is a terrible thing to waste


Linux: because a PC is a terrible thing to waste

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Mason and Albert are correct. I have found, though, that you can tug on the yarn from behind after the fact and clean it up a bit. Good luck!


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One solution is to do the tradition Fair Isle. The floats were not woven in and no colour was carried for more than an inch worth of stitches. That is why the patterns have little stars and crosses etc. so that the wool is not carried over an inch. Stranded knitting is much more flexible and has a nicer drape in my opinion than work that has been woven. Stranded knitting is also much faster - those women depended on the sale of their sweaters to put food on the table.

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I try never to carry the yarn at the back more than 5 stitches, any more and it can form a loose loop.

I guess I am in a quagmire...I want the hat to stretch but not have yarn poke I just outta luck?

No - it's like everything else with knitting; you just need practice.

I am thinking I am knitting to loosely now and that is my problem. I just want the hat to stretch enough. Thanks for your advice once again.

I gotta tell ya...weaving, stranding, stranding, floaters...they are all starting to blur. There are so many methods out there with many using the same name but differnt styles....and it is hard for you to see and hard for me to see. So............I am gonna go with one technique and will anxiously await our next local meeting for some advice. Thanks guys.