The Great Blanket Race

I proposed this idea to one of my local knitting groups, and haven't really gotten a lot of feedback, so I'll toss it to you guys -- what would you think about a nice, friendly little race?

I recently made a big, silly blanket with random bulky odds and ends on HUGE (size 35) needles. I knit it in garter stitch on the bias, and it went by so easily and quickly! It's great! I mean, I love this tacky little gem! So I thought...what about a group competition? The first one finished with his/her blanket would be able to choose which blanket he/she wanted, second place would have second pick, etc...until the pokiest knitter would be stuck with something terrible -- a handknit blanket! I mean, no one really loses!

What do ya think? Could be lots of fun!

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LOL That could be fun.

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I like the idea :)

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Sounds like it could be a lot of fun. I could see this being done at a gathering of knitters, and that there could be some hysterical results. YOu could even have a bunch of yarn strands in a central location and people having to grab the next strand at random.

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Ooohhh, I LOVE it!

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