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I was in a yarn shop over the weekend and fell in love with a yarn I've never worked with. I fell hard enough to buy all they had (the colors are amazing)--6 skeins! I'm not sure what I'm gonna make yet, and the only projects I can find on Ravelry are not interesting to me (a purse and a scarf).

It's Mango Moon Viscose, colorway Saturn. The picture doesn't do it full justice. It has a shine to it that's incredible. It's feels about worsted weight (maybe bulkier) and is 150 yds a skein. I like the idea of comibing it in a pattern with black or something else subdued, but I have no idea what fiber to combine it with. It's pretty dense, so the FO will be heavy.

Anybody out there know this yarn?

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Viscose is rayon, so you can look for inspiration in the patterns calling for bamboo yarns, soy yarns, or corn yarns etc which are also rayons.

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Purples, blue, gold and a touch of green? Wow - would look stunning combined with black. The skeins I found listed it as bulky weight - so maybe a nice warm afghan? Though if you combine it with a nice black yarn, you'd have enough to do a bulky hat and scarf....
It could work up beautifully as a striped shawl...

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I just looked at a picture of it and immediately thought ruddy burnt orange (darkish) would be a good tie together. My feeling is that black would make those colors look too raw and blazen where as more color would tune them up a bit. I totaly agree with MMario - an afghan would be very nice, perhaps just lap rug size. Take a look at Patchworkjesters post on the Moss Rib that might be a really cool pattern possiblity.

Just my 2 cents.


I LOVE this yarn! I made the multi-directional scarf with two skeins of the "Neptune" colorway. Very nice! It drapes well, but be aware that it is rather heavy. I like that quality, personally, but that might affect how it hangs if you decide on something with a kind of lacey design.

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Be aware that rayon/viscose has no memory, and if it's worsted/bulky, it will be very drapy but have very little structure. A non structured garment such a scarf, afghan, a good idea, or I could walk you through a chasse technique where you could throw "shots" of this yarn through fabric predominantly made with a different yarn (light worsted/worsted wool, for example) in a really cool technique similar to weaving. That is if you'd like a nice wearable garment with this in it. But I agree, a whole garment entirely of this would be too heavy and not have enough structure.