The Basics

Here is a pic of the stockinette scarf I am knitting up for my sister in this awesome 100% Baby Alpaca Bulky in teal. It is so soft!

I also got fired up enough to start my brother-in-law's scarf that I have had the yarn for. I am doing a basketweave look by alternating the knit & purl blocks in Lamb's Pride Bulky.

The success of doing the simple things... that have been sitting there taunting my from the stash anyway... is a wonderful thing!

Knit On, Brothers!

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Let me kniow when You are ready to ship your b-i-l's scarf - so I can bribe the post office to deleiver it to my house. that yarn is ... (I can't think of words to describe how good it looks!)
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What a yummy scarf! I love colors that you fall into and can't get out of. I like to always have a scarf going of some kind. I can usually carry on a conversation or even watch a foreign language film if it I'm working a simple and repetitive pattern. What color is the Lamp's Pride for your brother-in-law?

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I believe it is called "Cafe Au Lait" in the Bulky. I am carry two strands together and using US 15 needles for a quick project.

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I've never seen Lamb's Pride in that kind varigated pattern - its really rich. It reminds me of American Walnut.

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That's really beautiful, good job.



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Oh, gratification is nice, Isn't it? I'm sad that scarf season is coming to a close, because I keep finding ones I'd like to knit! How are you liking the lamb's pride? Will we see you Friday maybe?

Hope everyone in the McHenry house is feeling better more and more!


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I really love working with the Lamb's Pride Bulky. This is the second project I have used it in and I am very satisfied. It's a single ply wool (which I love knitting most of all), it's got a great spring to it and I have found the colorways to be wearer-friendly.

We seem to be on the mend, slow but sure! We are each back to work...but all still taking antibiotics, as well. Sadly, I am working this Friday but I will definately be at our Sunday KTog in Geneva! Hope to see you there!!