Austin LYS? Knit Gatherig?

Hey All!

I'll be in Austin TX this weekend (Fri-Mon) and I'm looking for an LYS and or a gathering of Knitters, so I can escape the family for a while. Any ideas?



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drive to houston

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Would love to. It's my hometown! Unfortunately, Dad's had a knee replacement this week and I'll need to be close by even when I escape.

There are several really nice shops in Austin.
One great one is Hill Country Weavers. They are on Congress, south of the Capital a couple of miles (they are in an old house).

My other favorite is Bluebonnet Yarn. Bluebonnet is actually in Cedar Hill, north of Austin. The people there are fabulous!, and I love their selection.

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Thanks! I'm happy there's a couple of options. Dad's place is in northwest Austin, near the Arboretum, so Cedar Hill won't be too far (right?)

Just a few miles up 183, go right on Whitestone Blvd, they are on the right in a strip center next to Austin Pizza Co (or something like that).

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I've been to Hill Country Weavers too - they've got a great selection of unusual fibers, along with loads of the usual stuff. It's pretty big, and when I was there, the place was jammed. Huge classroom in back, too. Enjoy Austin - hope your dad's bionic knee goes in without a hitch.


I'll stop after this row. Honest.


I'll stop after this row. Honest.