Co-op baby?

So, I dressed Thumper this morning, and the first thing my wife asked is what we were planning to do at the commune all day. I think co-op is a little more gentle. These are the same pants as before, but also some booties I knit a while back. Thank goodness for ribbon to tie these tight, because nothing else will stay put on his skinny legs. Also, we had our first family trip out of the house today--to our local coffee shop. Baby loved his carseat and the music at the coffee shop.

I have a few more knitted items I still need to have him model for the camera, so keep posted for the full fashion show.

My knitting has definitely slowed down since this little guy came into the world. I have a hat to match his pants on the needles right now, but I've only gone a few inches. I'm trying to perfect the art of knitting while wearing the Baby Bjorn. I'll let you know how that goes.

Thumper's dad


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the pants are GREAT with the tiedye shirt!!!

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Wow, that is one ugly baby!

Just kidding. Very cute.

Nice work on the pants, can't wait to see the matching hat.


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Linux: because a PC is a terrible thing to waste

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It does hearken back to the 60s....just a little.... but what a great time that was. Thumper is a fortunate little guy. How many other kids are being toted around wearing drawers that their dad knit for them. (did you do the tie dye too?) Blessings on all three of you as you start out on this adventure. btw he really is beautiful !!

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Thumper is so adorable. I love seeing bright colors on babies rather than the traditional all pastels.



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It's the tie-dye. It is screaming kibbutz/commune/60's
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He's totaly United Colors of Benetton. Very hip and today. Thumper is the best dressed newborn I've ever seen. Can I have him;)
I wish I were knitting now.

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I think that is effing adorable... I LOVE IT! Congrats to you and yours on such a beautiful baby.