My only complaint

My only complaint since the site changes is that when I come to the site (HOME) it always says PAGE NOT FOUND instead of having all the latest posts. It's been like that for a week or so. It has all the sidebar stuff such as polls and log on window.


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I've kept my profile in the bluemarine and it's worked great until yesterday.  Now, when I go into Home, the page is so wide that I have to scroll from left to right and back again in order to read the postings.  I liked it better when the posting and the member's pic were all visible together without moving back and forth across the page.

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Here's what I think was happening.

TrinidadCA posted a link that link was really, really long. Now, the center area of the site layout is designed to stretch based on how wide your browser window is. Most of the time, text automatically wraps because there are spaces between the words. Most browsers will automatically wrap strings of continuous text, but some don't.

I edited his post to link his message text rather than the full text of the link itself.

Also, Bluemarine has around a month to live. The goal is to have one site theme. So, I'd encourage everyone to try out the new theme (labeled "default" in your account preferences) and report back any errors you experience. If we don't get them worked out now while folks can switch back and forth, it will only cause more grief in the future.

I'd also encourage everyone to make sure they have the latest updates to their web browsers.

And, as an IT guy, I highly suggest folks try out Firefox. It's a better browser because it's faster, compliant with more web standards, and offers better safeguards against adware and spyware from being installed on your computer. It also supports its own themes an extensions. Once you experience tabbed browsing, you'll be hooked. Ctrl-T will be your best friend!

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What web browser / computer type are you using?

Also, please clarify: Is it when you go to you get "Page Not Found" in the center area or is it when you click "Home" button on the top menu? Or both? :)


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I am using Firefox. I had bookmared and I think thats the problem. I have now gone to HOME and bookmarked that page and it seems to be working. I by the way Thanks for the site!


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Ah, that makes sense, then. I changed to default tracker module to xtracker, a modified version with improved sorting and display features.

The new tracker link is:

Glad you've got it working and thanks for being part of the site! :)