Shuttles and Oberlaender

Had a full-on day yesterday - started with my first weaving class in which the teacher got me from zero to pattern weaving in three hours. It was great, but I'll probably need to repeat the basics about a dozen times before I remember how to set the loom up.

Then off to a dog show to collect the second installment of German Shepherd hair, and was also presented with one-and-a-half rubbish sacks full of Bernese Oberlander. It feels just like alpaca, but "smells" different... I had a fleece that I thought would be great to blend the Shepherd with, but after scouring and teasing, it seems to have taken on a coppery tone (just right for the mohair that I dyed last year...). Has anyone ever done a flow-diagram of how projects develop and multiply?

Enough rambling - quick question: I was told yesterday by a spinner that you should wash doggie fibre in cold water and regular shampoo to get rid of the odour. Can anyone add anything to that?