Spit Splicing

Those of you who don't know what this is: Look it up. It is easily the most fun and disgusting thing I have ever done in my history as a knitter.

It makes me feel like a real man.


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Hahahaha...glad to have a laugh at this.

I have been a closet spit splicer for years...I think I mentioned it once to some other knitters and they were appalled, so I stopped saying it.

My favorite thing about it is when I have to frog a project and the join stays firm in the unraveling and the re-knitting.

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Never heard of it... but I'd definitely do it!! I love it.


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I love spit splicing. No ends to weave in!

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I love the spit splice. I especially enjoy doing it when knitting in public and watching the look of horror on the faces of non-knitters. What the Yarn Harlot like to refer as "frightening the muggles."

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Is this the same as a felted join where you fray the yarns to be joined, wet them, twist together and rub vigorously between your palms? I heard it makes a very secure join, I think I'm going to try it with the scarf I'm working on.


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LOL That's what I did to join the ends between the two skeins of yarn in that column of leaves scarf. It's like magic. One of my friends saw me do it and was like, "Hey wait...how are they staying together?"

Although...I don't spit, I just put the ends in my mouth and kind of slobber on them. The upside is it doesn't look gross, but the downside is I get yarn fibers floating around in my mouth for a while. Heh.

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My method is to lick the palm of my hand then rub the ends together. When our knitting group used to meet around the fireplace at Barnes and Noble I would horrify the non-knitters. The looks on their faces were priceless!

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I'm waiting for them to come out with flavored yarns and scratch-'n-sniff needles.

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I just learned this method a couple of week ago from "Stitch 'n Bitch". Its gross but effecient. Will it work on anything but wool though?


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It will work for any yarn that can be felted (animal) fibers.



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Yeah. It's basically like when people make their hair into dreadlocks. Part of making them lock is to tease the hair and then rub it between your hands hard and fast. Of course, many people use waxes and things to ensure they lock tight and stay locked, but same principle.

"Men can starve from a lack of self-realization as much as they can from a lack of bread." --Richard Wright


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spit splicing doesn't phase me at all - dreads, on the other hand - have always made my flesh creep.

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For those among us whose finer sensibilities have now been offended, we may also add that a small glass of water into which one dips ones fingers to apply a dab of moisture to the yarn also works well.

Or we could simply say..."GET OVER IT"

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My first scarf that I made was out of acrylic. I had read about the spit splice and knew that it would not work so i looked for other things to do (I am not good with knots) and found the russian join. WAY TOO MUCH F-ING TROUBLE!!! After that scarf I went to a yarn shop and bought real yarn :) The spit splice works great, I tested it a few times and once you have it done and it dries, it is just as strong as the yarn itself....


(although if any of you guys chew, I imagine you would want to rinse first :D )

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spit doesn't work so easy when they're thinner and slippery, but spit works great with the wooly thick ones. do with that what you will :)

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First of all just let me say that I'm a proper lady therefor I never spit in public. Second, I love the spit splice. Like Yugi I just stick the yarn in my mouth and slobber on it. Course I don't know if my hacking up hairballs and constantly sticking out my tongue to get loose fibers off it is any more lady like than spitting.

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i've never done it, but i definitely have to try it