Cat Hair Yarn

I got a kitty and want to spin kitty hair yarn. Her coat is super soft and about an inch in length, which I've read seems to be the minimum for spinning it without needing to blend it with wool.

I found a company that will spin the yarn for you, but that's no fun. Anyone ever spun pet hair?

Twisted, humorous commentary is also encouraged! :)

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I have spun doghair and they were mayby 2-4 ins long (or 5-8 cm). Spun doghair makes a very soft yarn especially with hair that is nearer the body. If you have spun wool  you know that the woolfat (or is it called grease?) sort of glue them together and the curliness also helps to spin. Dog hair don't have that fat and doghair are often straight (not curled). And that means that you need to spin it hard (hard twist of the tread) otherwise it glides apart, at least in my experiance.  Of course it'a worth trying but to me it sounds a bit short with 1 ins. If you find it too difficult you can blend it with just a little bit wool from sheep or angoragoat and have much better spinningability. An old woman who lived near where I live now had 3 dogs and spun only with doghair and the quality very muck depended on wich dog she used, I don't know if it's the same with cats. Good luck and I so much want to see the result!!!

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I too have spun doghair - but I can't imagine spinning cat hair!  Still - I'd love to see the

results!  :-)

I have spun some pretty short angora (rabbit) fur - it's probably about the same.  I too would

recommend blending it with some wool to make it easier to spin - plus, it will go further.


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I have my dog Caleb's fur spun (Thats him in my picture). It's the undercoat of some breeds that spins into really nice yarn. My spinner says Caleb's reminds him of spinning alpaca. Sorry don't know what to say about cat fut though.


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