FO - Hiking Socks from _The Knitting Man(ual)_

Well, they're done and they fit and I like them. They're very comfortable as far as I'm concerned. The only comments I have about the pattern are that there are a couple of places in the pattern where I had to stop and think, "What the hell?" I would say that a beginner would be totally lost in a couple of places. Having not done socks before, I felt a bit at a loss of how to continue in a couple places, but because I've been knitting for quite some time now, I was able to just figure out what was supposed to happen. Thank goodness.

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Congratulations .. they look great!

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Nice job! Now you can call yourself a "sock knitter" ... :-)

Grace and Peace,

Very nice job Frank....

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Nice job! Keep up the practice with that pattern and you soon will be able to not only knit socks, but also use the finished product to make a sock monkey!

Knit on............Rex

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Nice work, they look warm and comfy.

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They look fantastic finished them in record time! I like the way you took the shot with the book at your feet, clever.


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Very nice, you did a great job!



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Nice first pair. I hope mine turn out as well. I've got the heel flap done on both socks and now I have to figure out the turn. I spent an hour with the the lys lady yesterday going over it so hopefully I'll figure it out.


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Your socks rock! Enjoy wearing them.

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there are a couple of places in the pattern where I had to stop and think, "What the hell?"

This happens to me in just about every sock patten I have ever read. I have managed to make a few christmas stockings and knit a foot on a scarf - so I can get socks done - but for me, they are so counter intuitive that I lose the knitting pleasure.

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Nice gams btw.

Anything I need to be aware of when starting them there socks?

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Hey Rob, Thanks. There are a couple of places where the directions just don't make sense. So yes, there are a couple of things to be aware of. Are you going to start them soon or do you want to go over the pattern together?


I will bring my book Sunday (along with Babs Walker for you to look thru). I started a shawl for someone I work with so I may not get to socks right away.

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I like them very much... They remind me somehow of the socks I had in Boyscouts (gay scout! gay scout! whoop whoop whoop...I was well on my way to Eagle but quit when I found out that our troop leader was a racist bigot)

Anyhoo...stack of the sock done in K1p1 ribbing and the rest in stockinette, I suppose? What is the yarn?

I think they rock. Now I want orange socks.

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i didn't make it past cub scouts. my dad ripped the door off our den mother's house...long story...anyhoo :)
socks seem to popular on this site

we put birds on things

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The stack of the sock is done in K2p1 ribbing actually... I would've never guessed, but those are the directions! And the yarn is Lamb's Pride worsted weight. I rarely actually follow directions in such detail, but I just so happen to have the yarn laying around, so I figured what the hell. They're pretty comfy I have to say.