Madelyn The big news for me this week was that I finally got Madelyn moved closer to me. I hadn't seen her for 8 months, since I moved back to Maine. I went to see her yesterday (she's boarding on a farm in NH), and she's completely unperturbed about the move or being in a new place. She's a fairly calm 'paca, anyway, so I didn't expect any problems.

 I bought Maddy one week before my ex, Scott, dumped me. If I'd known what was coming, I might not have made such a big investment commitment, but in the end things have worked out very well. I have my first 'paca, I found myself someone who shares my love of the animals, and I have lots of soft fiber and yarn to play with. Plus, I did at least get a spinning wheel out of Scott before he dumped me - best thing to come of that relationship.


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Hi Mel and Madelyn!  Happy to hear your good news.  I am currently knitting with an alpaca wool and is it ever soft and warm!  I like it so much better than merino or any other sheep fiber.  It's fun to see here a picture of Madelyn and know that she's a member of the alpaca family that made a gift of such beautiful wool. Cheers,  Jesse

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How cute, not the sort of pet you can keep in Manhattan! How much wool do you get from her? Seems to me Scott is the loser & you're better off without him!

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Well, technically she's a livestock investment, rather than a pet, but you can't help but feel an emotional attachment to them. Last year her prime fleece yielded about 4# of roving, which I've been spinning a bit at a time. And even though we live on an alpaca farm, we're just renting a house on the property and there's no room to board her here. She's on a farm about an hour away.

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