Winter Storm Hat

Here is another attempt at being creative. The hat fits! I was trying to think of something to practice multiple colors and being a weather freak...I mean geek...I chose something involving winter. So, the hat contains weather symbols. The solid blue are cold fronts, and the other various symbols on the hat are for:

Winds of 50 mph
Heavy Fog
Blowing Snow
Heavy Snow
Freezing Rain

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Nice, Hopefully we will get to see it and you this weekend. I am working on my first Fair Isle for a class I'm taking - and it isn't as hard as I thought it might be. Of course since it is a hat, I get to have loose stranding so it will stretch to fit my head.

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Hey Rob, That's awesome! I love it. How are decreasing on the top? Is it flat? You should present it to the local meteorologists and get some orders from them! Hope to see you Sunday.


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Brilliant and beautiful! This is my idea of organic design: just look around your environment and find inspiration.This would look great as a yolk or band on a sweater.

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wicked cool, i want to make it too!

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Once again Rob another great hat. Keep up the great work.

Have been knitting for years. I knit continually then will try another craft, but will return to the needles.

Well done Rob. This is a really nice hat and your colour work looks great.

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loved it even before I read the symbol interpretations. :-)

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"You can leave your hat on..."
Sorry - I just couldn't resist writing that!

Seriously, I love patterns that are more than mere decoration!

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write it up Tucker.
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Awesome hat! Great job, you're becoming a master of the hat!



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Excellent hat! I love the weather symbol idea for a hat. I think you should write up a pattern for it and quickly get the copyright! It's original, unique and fun to do.

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What a great theme for a hat!! I've never heard of such a thing. Awsome job!

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You're such a knitting rock star. I'll know who to approach when it comes to designing a hat. Great Work!


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I've been resisting color pattern knitting - just not my thing. But this hat is tempting me - I love it and let's talk about even stitches. It's got everything, good technique, good color and good content.


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Great design. I, too, am a weather geek. I totally love it. I'd love to have the pattern for this.



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That's a great hat, and I love the colors! Makes me want to go skiing :)

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Great design and colours.

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Great job. Using weather symbols is very creative and unique. I like the colors. You are getting very good at hat making. This inspires me to want to continue my hat making adventures. Take care.- Cullen

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Attempt? I'd say a success.


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Linux: because a PC is a terrible thing to waste

I am not always the most confident person but you guys are so nice! Thank you. Can we have a group hug?

I have it written up on an excel doc but want to have purlyman take a look at a few things in person this weekend. Then I may redo it quickly but then I can post something next week.

What Albert said about organic....I found that kinda funny cause I have started to see things in a different light (at times). The cut on a vase, the back of an old chair, the branches of my neighbors old old maple...and I want to do something with them. I guess I need to do more research on what stitches create what I want to do.

But made me smile! not flat but a gradual k(#) k2tog.

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i have been thinking about using yarn works as sculpture, but not exactly sure how to begin. it is such a textural medium, and three dimensional and with various size needles, colors, stitches, tensions, there seems to be no limit in creating. i am thinking more toward abstract than realism. any ideas?

we put birds on things

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Absolutely genius! This should definitely be included in the MWK book!