Well, I have gotten a start on my first sweater...It is Andoa by Berroco. So far I love it, it is such an easy pattern, although so far it has been straight knitting...I know that once I get past the armholes I am going to have to pump you guys for some help (no that is not and exchange of services :) )

This will be the first project that I have worked on that will call for picking up stitches or decreases...soooooooooo.

The fiber is Berroco Ultra Alpaca which really has a nice feeling although I repriced what it is going to cost me and I think that buying it locally (which I am happy to do) is going to mean I am going to have a $90.00 sweater....oh well, I told the hubby that it is either that or I will get bored and have to have an affair :) I think that he would rather me spend money on yarn.


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Love the pattern and the color. I can't wait to see the finished product. And I can't walk out of the lys without spending at least 75.00 and yes the hubby is all over me about it but he has to admit that knitting keeps me out of trouble :)

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Beautiful pattern and color. That's going to be a beautiful sweater!



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I really like the pattern a lot. The BF likes this hobby compared to my other that keeps me in the garage. He generally doesn't like being a widow to my interests.

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The color and pattern are great. $90 for a nice sweater is a good deal. Too often, I've seen nice sweaters in stores priced for twice that or even more. LOL, I can't say that my knitting keeps me out of trouble (as my partners would no doubt attest to), but I do have less time for trouble.



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It looks great - look forward to seeing more! How do you like working with alpaca? (Personally, I find it a bit slippery but like the results.)
I admire your persuasion skills too!

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I don't mind the alpaca...course it is a 50%blend with wool so that may help. It is a bit slippery, but since I tend to knit a little bit on the tight side, that seems to help.

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that's a beautiful pattern you're working on - and for your first sweater, you're knitting so evenly! just be sure to measure and double/triple check that it's wide enough, long enough, etc. - so that when it's done you don't have to give it away... the first few attempts I made were much too small.... :)



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i am to the point where if someone picks the pattern and buys the yarn, i'll make it for them. still get the activity without the price tag

we put birds on things

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gorgeous pattern and colour...beautiful workmanship. please be sure and share a photograph of the finished garment.

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Looks great. Doesn't look like it's in the round, is it? I've done two sweaters (well I'm in the middle of the second - the Cobblestone from Jared Flood), and both were in the round with no sewing! I'm so terrified of sewing that I tend to ignore any pattern that has me doing it. Can't wait to see it finished!


It still amazes me how working with yarn helps you appreciate it more. The pattern melds everything together nicely. For me tho....need to steer clear of horizontal stripey things for awhile!

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:) I have had a fear with this that once I have it done it will be too warm to wear it and by next winter I may put the weight I lost this last year back on. But oh well... If that happens I can always just put it on and photoshop the pictures and then tuck it into a drawer :)