moratorium on knitting book purchaces

Someone make me stop. I just got Folk Hats and Folk Bags and ordered Fold Shawls after seeing it at the lys and Folk Vests not to mention the Knitting (Man)ual. I already have a lifetime of projects lined up. I've got to start knitting faster.


Whip me, beat me, make me buy more yarn!

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OMG - let's not even go there. I've turned into a yarn squirl.

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Only if you make me stop too. We can have a dual intervetion. Sounds like an opportunity to drink good beer.

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~Milan Kundera

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Sorry, I can't help...I've got a bad case of Musthavitus immidiatus too.

stch's picture'll not tell ya about the book "Guy Knits" from XRX publications that contains selected patterns for guys that were featured in the Knitter's magazine that's slated to be released in early March...ooops! guess I just did.
Well, I suppose if I can't help with resisting the urge...might as well be an enabler.

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My LYS had 'Guy Knits' available last night - lots of sweater projects, with a few mitts and hats therin. Drool, slobber,...purchased.

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You are at the wrong place if you are looking for an intervention. We are yarn and knitting enablers. We are the ones who will tell you there is nothing wrong with what you are doing and should do more of it.

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Don't look at me - I buy books written in languages I don't even read.
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I hope, at least, you are buying from!! I started out buying from the local BooksAMillion, but then discovered the great deals to be found on Amazon! Oops! Sorry! You said make you stop! :)

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I had stopped knitting for a period of time (why?? what was I thinking??) and now that I'm back at it, the urge to buy books and yarn has returned. Oh well ... at least we are all in the same boat. And what great company ....

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O.k, I guess I'm your only hope so here goes: "Stop that immediately!" ( I said this in a very authoritative voice).

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Serously, you guys are no help what so ever. But what did I expect anyway. It seems every book I buy leads me to buy another and yes I only buy from Amazon - free shipping, no sales tax and huge discounts, you bet. I feel kind of bad though, I page through the books at my lys, find what I like and get them at Amazon. Oh well its not like I don't spend tons on yarn and needles there. Now I have to go check out "Guy Knits".