picking up the selvage

I don't think I'm doing this right. Which part of the stitch do you pick up? Or do you pick up both?


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I don't know what is "correct" but whether I pick up one or both depends to some extent on my project - it it is lacy and I want the line along the pickup more open, then I pick up one, if it needs to be "tight" - then I pick up both.
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Boy do I feel stupid. I just found this.


I can't even tell you how wrong I was doing this. I was trying to pick up all the stitches on the needle and then knit them so it was too hard for me to get the whole stitch and I was just getting one loop. The mistake doesn't look too horrible and I'll get it right next time.

God, these little video things are great.

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AAAAAAAH! You my friend have just discovered an ancient Chinese knitting secret LOL. Many people do not realize that there are two completely different techniques that sound VERY much alike. This is one of my pet peeves with new knitters authoring patterns today, they don't realize there are 2 totally different techniques and just use the term pick up sts when they mean pick up and knit. It appears that what you were trying to do was "pick up and knit"...pull a loop through the existing edge st leaving the loop on the right needle...thus knitting a stitch (a loop pulled through a hole is a knit st, no?). Rarely, you will see the instruction to pick up sts along the edge and in this instance it is difficult and somewhat messy 9as you learned) and you end up with the edge sts actually on the right needle.

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The video is helpful, but good grief ... could she use LONGER dps???? I'd keep a safe distance of at least 3 feet from her!

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Omg, you're right. I don't even own a set that long.