Shadow Cables WIP

I almost frogged this today. I had started it sometime ago and wanted to frog it out in favor of making an aran sweater done in the round. But then I looked at it and figured that I had already done the back and almost finished with the front. It looks good to me now and I should finish it. Agree? Hopefully the blocking process will keep the bottom ribbing from twisting upwards. What's that about?


Wow...all that work! It would be a shame to frog that nice job.

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Looks like a great project to me. I sure wouldn't frog it.


Linux: because a PC is a terrible thing to waste


Linux: because a PC is a terrible thing to waste

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Beautiful, it would be a shame to frog it.



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That's way too nice for the frog pond!

It's gorgeous. I would finish it now.

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Thanks! I'm working on it. :)

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It's lovely! where did you get the pattern? And if you really don't want to "finish" it, you could alter the front a bit and make a vest out of it instead of a sweater. That way you won't waste the effort you've put in but won't have to spend time on the sleeves. What ever you do, it will be worthwhile!

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The pattern is from a Patons booklet called "Weekend Retreat." Good suggestion on making it a vest, but I'm going all the way with this after all.

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Wonderful texture!!! Great colour!!! My vote is to finish it.

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Thanks to you guys, I'm going to finish it. I did what most knitters would do in this situation and ordered more yarn. :)

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you might be able to pick up stitches around bottom edge and do a rib stitch that won't roll up. i also sometimes crochet and easy edge around and if you keep it loose enough, it can calm down and unify an edge that wants to roll up

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