The Vertical Sweater

Besides the requests in the comments section of my previous post, and the private messages and the folks who wrote to me to my regular email, thank you SO much for your admiration of my design for The Vertical Sweater.

I would have never believed that so many people would want the pattern.

So, I decided to share, 'cause I like ye.

Here it is.


PDF icon The Vertical Sweater.pdf30.24 KB


StuartWS's picture

Yippee!! Thank you SO much, I've put it first in my queue (and truththfully, I may shelve the lace I just started and replace it with this). Thanks again!

ksmarguy's picture

man, Thank you for this I loved this sweater, as did the I may end up making 2. THANK YOU SO MUCH, and make sure you let me know when the book is available and how to order, cause I am sure to want a copy.