The weight of guilt being lifted off my shoulders.

I've started working on Mom's sweater again. That sigh you hear is not the early spring's balmy breezes, but the weight of guilt being lifted off my shoulders. For those of you who don't know, I am doing a Kaffe Fassett inspired design (small squares) in a cardi who's shape I've custom designed to fit my mum. I've had the back finished for about a year. The sweater is worsted weight: The pattern is 16 squares (8 each side) of 6st x 8 rows. My goal is to do one row of squares a day. The actual knitting is VERY FAST...the hassle is adding and weaving in ALL THAT YARN. OY![img_assist|nid=2159|title=to be concluded|desc=Mom's on right, Dad's on in progress again|link=none|align=left|width=|height=0]


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I remember that sweater from a long time ago... it was (is) so beautiful - your parents are lucky folk!



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Yo! I can't find the picture. Please advise, I'm salivating!

Never mind the weight of guilt being lifted from your shoulders - did you finish that b****r for the weekend?

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Kaffe Fassett doesn't weave his ends in ... does that help?

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actually, he does, or he did.... The early books actually has a tutorial on weaving in the ends... Regardless of what he does now, I weave in my ends. This is for Mom. Nothing is too good for Mom, you know... :)