Magic Loop Mittens/Gloves Patterns

Does anyone have a pattern for Magic Loop mittens and/or gloves?  I make all my socks with a ML pattern and love it.  I've heard that there are ML glove and mitten patterns but I've not found any.  Can anyone assist me in this search, thanks?


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Hey Jesse, can't you just use any mitten pattern?  I haven't used the magic loop, but it seems to me that whether you are knitting on 4 dp's or one giant circular, the basics are the same?

I need to try this technique (and/or two circulars) and see what I'm missing.

any pattern that is knit in the round can utilize the magic loop. and any pattern for gloves or mittens that is not in the round can pretty easily be translated to work in the round with relative ease.  i love the ML method!