So, I've been catching up on reading members' blogs and I noticed that a fair amount do their own spinning. Sounds fascinating but I'm curious about a few things: First, is it a tough skill to learn; and, second, does it save money on the cost of yarn?



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Here in Europe there is no market for wool but maybe it´s different in US. I get my wool for free but it´s a lot of work spinning your own yarn. And I´m educated in spinning.

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Wool isn't expensive: Matter of fact, you can often find llama and alpaca breeders happy to give you fleeces~ You have to clean and card them yourself: It's a bit of work, but the reward of wearing something you made completely from scratch is pretty cool. There are A LOT of spinners in Portland: There is a spinning guild (maybe more than one) and I am pretty sure that there are spinning groups or classes that meet at Abundant Yarn in Sellwood. It's very addictive...be forewarned.

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With spinning you can blend your own choice of fibre and spin and ply it to your own thickness. In costs of time, it definitely doesn't save money over commercial yarn, but it's like knitting your own clothes as opposed buying them ready made. To simplify, it's another hobby.

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There are also places like Fleece Works in Morro Bay, CA. You can send your fleece or wool to them and they will process it for you... for a price. But the nice thing, they will do pin draft rovings which means very little pre-drafting while you spin. Just another option for those of us who like to spin, rather than clean and comb out wool.

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Surely you have learned by now that NOTHING saves money on yarn. And besides, if you do save a couple of dollars on some yarn, that just leaves you with a couple of dollars to buy more yarn. Its a sickness. But healthier than some other addictions. As for being difficult to learn, I am a new spinner and it is like any skill. You want to scream in frustration at times, and then you slowly begin to get on to it and find yourself in the zone and it works. Sort of like knitting. lol



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I'd love to hand-spin/hand-dye my own yarn. I'd have to find someone that could teach me on my schedule (which seems impossible), but...wouldn't a spinning wheel practically cost a fortune?

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You can find spinning wheels in all price ranges from a couple hundred to several thousands. You can always check ebay as well. I won a spinning wheel on eBay for about 250.00 and its a great wheel. You could get an inexpensive drop spindle (or make one out of a dowel and a couple CDs.), if you hae that kind of time. Wheels are much faster and less likely to be thrown against the wall. One of my wheels is an Ashford Joy which is very portable. i take it with me when I go to my knitting groups. If you think Knitting in public is fun, you should try spinning!