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In the planning stages of that 3-D Humpty Dumpty scene. By the way. Where in the hell did anyone come up with the name "Humpty Dumpty"??????????? Anyway, My original thought was to knit the brick wall, the sky, and the sidewalk all as one piece, but now I believe I have determined that it would be best to knit them as separate pieces and then sew them together however I want. I've got the yarn for the brick wall, and I've got some blue yarn I'm thinking of stranding together or knitting in a sort of fade and then felting for the sky. Will knit the sidewalk in some dark grey. Dark SPECKLED grey, if I can find some at my LYS and will felt it as well. The brick wall will clearly not get felted as the texture of the stitches adds to the illusion. I want to add some embellishments, but as I've never done that before, I'll have to figure out how when I get there. The only question now is how big will I make this thing? I kind of wanted to knit some king's horses and king's men, but I wouldn't even know where to start there. As for Humpty Dumpty himself, I think he'll be easy enough. An egg shaped thing (felted?) with I-cord arms and legs. The only thing about him I'm uncertain on is how to knit/create facial expression and hands and feet. But it's not like I can't learn, right? And I've no doubt that some of you more experienced knitters will have plenty of great ideas, and I welcome them all!!! I was thinking, too, of REALLY making it 3-D by seaming the sidewalk on at a 90-degree angle. Once I'm finished, if it looks realy great, I'm going to put it in a shadowbox.

If Mr. Dumpty proves to be not too much of a YSP, then I'll work on this great idea I had for a huge Alice-falling-down-the-rabbit-hole scene. That one will be massive and I'm going to make a semi-circle with lots of differently-sized patches of strange yarn patterns. I was working a stitch from my "440 More Knitting Stitches," and it was not turning out very good for a scarf, but the pattern it made was really trippy. I figure it'd be easier to make an Alice in a larger size, too. And that website someone posted with the knitted mushrooms was fun and would be good to include small ones at the bottom, or even popping out of the wall at an angle. :-) That sounds like a lot of yarn, but I have two years worth of scrap yarn, so the hole will be easy enough to knit. :-)

Maybe I'm getting a bit ahead of myself. LOL


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i'd definitely love to see the alice scene to get an idea of what you're talking about

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Humpty Dumpty was not a person but a great cannon mounted on the wall of St Mary's Wall Church during the English Civil War. A shot from a Parliamentary cannon damaged the wall and 'Humpty Dumpty had a great fall'. The Royalists - 'all the King's men' - attempted to move it to another part of the wall, but even with the help of 'all the King's horses' the attempt failed.

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Oh wow! That's actually really interesting. I've only ever seen Humpty Dumpty as an egg-shaped thing, so I had no clue that it had any basis in reality. Then again, Ring around the Rosey has an historic background as well, so it doesn't surprise me. I wonder how many other nursery rhymes are based on historical occurrances? Thanx for the info! Definitely fun to know!

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My God, doll, you are FEARLESS!!!

But I can't wait to see how the effort progresses. It sounds like it could be something absolutely fantastic.

You might be able to find a dark heathered grey at your LYS. Check online sources as well.


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Facial expressions can be duplicate stitched onto the main 'egg' shape - hands and feetcould be segmented off from a tube limb with a tie, or you could knit little mini-mittens.....
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