Advice on Size 2 needles

Does anyone have advice on working with size 2 needles? I'm working on a project that uses size two needles and 4 ply cotton yarn, and I'm having a really difficult time forming the stitches. I've never used needles this small before. It took me 20 minutes to cast on 11 stitches and purl a row. I tend to knit tight so I'm trying to loosen it up some. Otherwise any advice?


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The first few rows are always the slowest. Once you have something to hang on to it gets much faster. I was very intimidated by those little tooth pick things until I worked with them and found they weren't so bad after all. I have small hands for guy though. I think if you have really big hands it might be tough.

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when you cast on, cast on to both needles at once and then remove one of the needles. With such small needles it will make the first row easier without making the beginning too loose. just try an loosen your grip on the needles and find where the tension is loosest in stitches. It does get easier with time. Oh, and try knitting continental, some people who are tight knitters loosen up knitting that way. Good Luck

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The really small needles do feel awkward and hard to work with at first but give it a little time and they'll seem perfectly normal to you and switching back to larger ones will seem odd.

Those first couple of rows are always a bear.


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Linux: because a PC is a terrible thing to waste

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Another thing to try is drop DOWN a couple of sizes and do some practice knitting with the same yarn you'll be using. Try learning on 0's. YES, it will be frustrating and YES you will make mistakes, YES your gauge will be all over the place. But this is just practice for learning to control toothpicks. Then after a day or so of that, try picking up the 2's. They'll probably feel comfortably large.

Stop to wiggle your fingers every so often. My hands can get kinda cramped after a stint of lace or sock knitting because of the small needles.

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I have the greatest respect for anyone who takes the time to accomplish anything on any size needle smaller than a set of size 5 dpns.

Sorry I can't help you with this subject, but, I wish you the best of luck, because those who handle the tiny needles well, come out with some of the most beautiful works.