Pattern Ideas?

I got this awesome new yarn,

its called Foliage from Berroco and is 53% New Wool (how is it so new??) and 47% Acrylic. Ive always wanted to try working with a variegated yarn but now that ive got some i havent the slightest idea what to do with it.

I have too many project started right now to begin one with this yarn but id love to get some idea of what to make that way i can find a pattern that ill enjoy. So let me know what you guys think!


steve kadel's picture

great for scarves, hats. i made a nice loose sweater, puffy sleeves, crew neck in moss stitch with similar yarn.

we put birds on things

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question: How many skeins do you have? Foliage makes a great looking Entrelac scarf (or any entrelac project). There is a pic of an Entrelac scarf I did with Foliage in my blog. (2nd page).

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I completely agree: yarns that slowly variegate over their length make great entrelac... if you don't have a lot of skeins, they do a good hat. (Socks too, although, this might be a little heavy for socks)...mittens. You name it, really.

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I vote for fingerless gloves- they'd look really cool in that yarn.

Thanks for all your suggestions. I have 2 skeins of it, 200 yds each. Id love to try some entrelac....that is, once refresh my memory of what it is. Hahahaha