Baby/Toddler hat

I have a baby shower to go to this weekend and nobody knows if the baby's a boy or a girl. I suppose in my mind I think it might be a boy. Hopefully this hat will be warm for the little one no matter what. This is very similar to the black and white hat I did a while ago with cotton yarn on size 1s, but this was done on size 6s with "ella rae classic".

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Gosh, I love it. What a great baby gift.


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I like the slight mushroom shape! did it just come out that way or did you deliberately shape it?

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I usually shape the hats on a larger plastic tub, but this one wouldn't fit. So I looked for something and all I could find was the bottom part of a vase, so I turned it upside down and put the hat on it. That's basically the shape of the base. It does look like a little mushroom, huh? Maybe the kid will have a mushroom head.


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Very nice! Is it your own design?



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The hat is my own design, yes. The pattern around the body (a fair isle design that's just repeated over and over again, ever 8 stitches) I found online somewhere.


I love to see your work! This hat is beautiful. I even like the fact that the shape resembles a mushroom. When I think of how babies often look when they are new born they look all wrinkly and ...well ... like little "mushroom people" LOL - the hat is perfect!


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Love it! I love making baby hats. Every baby hat I've made the dad always decides to wear it when they open the gift. Plus I enjoy seeing friends and co-workers get all whispy over a knit baby hat :-)