Vest FInished-- OK but Disappointed

Well, I finally finished the charcoal grey vest I was making. The picture quality is lousy, and the colour is wrong. In reality it is a much darker charcoal/almost black tweed. You cant see the cable definition very well either. But for what they are worth, here are a couple of pics. It is from the "Men Who Knit and the Dogs Who Love Them" book. I used Rowan Yorkshire Tweed Aran in a dark charcoal colour, although I am told it is discontinued now. I am a little disappointed in the way it looks on. I dont like the way the shoulders stick out and up a bit like a Chinese roofline when I wear it. lol. Ah well, on to the next thing.

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Geeze, Alan, it looks beautiful in the picture. I haven't done anything with button bands yet so I'm impressed and envious. As for the shoulders, maybe it's a matter of blocking, or possibly there is some quick fix which no doubt one of our wise men will put you on to. If it helps, I have yet to knit anything I have been satisfied with- I think we are all hyper self-critical.

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Looks great! The neutral color makes it easy to wear a variety of shirts underneath.


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I can't believe that you're dissappointed though I do understand. I alway have expectations that my stuff falls short of. But take it from me, that is one way cool vest! I love the sort of ethnic/folk look it has.


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Most generic patterns don't fit every body. I have a side business retailoring/repairing knits. If you want, send me a private message and we can talk about how it can be retailored to fit perfectly. You've spent so much time on this: You should be thrilled with the result.


It is a nice looking vest...and cabling is great. I bet you look handsome with it on. Hopefully you will find some method to fix what you do not like cause it is great looking in the photo.

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Looks great to me.


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Linux: because a PC is a terrible thing to waste

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The sweater looks good to me, too. I know your pain trying to get pics of things like this! Photographing things that are Dark/black is tough. To get enough light on them to see the details almost requires so much flash as to blow it out of proper color. I don't know what kind of camera you're using, but automatic (aka point and shoot) cameras often can't make dark/black OR light/white look right. They do best with a mix or a t least a mor moderate color temp. Ah well... my LCS (local camera store) has a class specifically for taking pics for Internet display (like ebay or blogging), maybe I should take it!